Considered to be one of the classic Italian wines of Southern Italy. Aglianico is sometimes called ‘The Barolo of the South’. It is believed to be one of the oldest grape varieties present on Italian soil – at least since the days of the Roman Empire, if not earlier, and grown primarily in Campania and Basilicata.

Separate biotypes are responsible for famous wines including Taurasi & Taburno del Vulture- which were once believed to be different varieties all together.

The grape produces a full-bodied red wine with high acidity and tannin, and is known for its trademark deep garnet colour.

Dominant aromas and flavours include:
• White Pepper
• Black Cherry
• Smoke
• Game
• Spiced Plum

Secondary aromas and flavours include:
• Leather
• Dried Cranberry
• Espresso
• Chocolate

Aglianico Pairs well with gamey dishes, roasted meats, strong cheeses, spicy foods, and pasta with meat sauces.

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