Nebbiolo – Italy’s greatest native grape!

Considered Italy’s greatest native grape and one of the world’s five great cultivars, Nabbiolo first appears in literature in 1268 as nibiol.

Two theories on the origin of its name are:

  1. From the famous fog (nebbia) in the area it grows.
  2. From the abundant “bloom” of its grapes, making them look like they are bathed in fog.

Barolo & Barbaresco are the most well-known wines made from the Nebbiolo grape. Linked to a few viticulture zones over the centuries, being best represented in Piedmont. It is happiest growing on the clay-limestone soils of the Albese.

Full-bodied red with high tannin and acidity. Perfect for ageing and improves greatly with time in the bottle with potential for 15+ year life-span. It produces wines pale in colour.

Dominant aromas and flavours include:
• Rose
• Cherry
• Leather
• Clay Pot
• Anise

Secondary aromas and flavours include:
• Cranberry
• Cherry
• Dried dragon fruit
• Fruit cake

Nebbiolo pairs best with truffle, ribeye steak, duck, risottos with strong cheese, prosciutto and game.

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