Sangiovese – Italy’s most abundant red variety.

First documentation from 1590 but is believed to have Etruscan heritage. Commonly labelled as its regional name, for example ‘Brunello’ in Montalcino or ‘Prugnolo Gentile’ in Montepulciano. Produced primarily in Tuscany but also other central Italian regions such as Umbria and Marche.

Sangiovese is a picky vine that won’t grow just anywhere. Needs well drained, not very fertile soil with a touch a limestone for the grape to express all of its charming characteristics.

Sangiovese can be used to make a complete range of wines, from Rosato, to light and refreshing reds, to full-bodied and very age worthy reds.

Medium-bodied with high acidity, medium alcohol and tannin.

Dominant aromas and flavours are:
• Raspberry
• Red currant
• Black Pepper
• Dried Flowers
• Clay pot

Secondary aromas and flavours include
• Roasted tomato
• Cherry
• Blackberry
• Balsamic
• Leather
• Plum

Pairs well with tomato based dishes, rich meats and even pizza!

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