Vermentino is one of Italy’s most well-known white wines with a mysterious history . It is still unknown if Vermentino is a true Italian native or an import from Spain.

Other common names include:
• Pigato
• Piccabon
• Bianca Antica
• Favorita

There are many more depending on the region or country.

Sardinia’s 2nd most planted grape, the variety also grows well on the coast of Tuscany and Liguria. Light-bodied but complex white wine with a bitter finish and good structure.

Dominant aromas and flavours include:
• Lime
• Grapefruit
• Green apple
• Almond
• Daffodil

Secondary aromas and flavoursinclude:
• Yellow apple
• Mango
• Acacia
• Herbs

Vermentino can stand up to richer foods such as fried seafood and tomato based sauces.

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